Sunday, September 20, 2009

10k training starts Monday

Tomorrow my 10k training starts. I feel like I'm SO behind on where I wanted to be before I started training for the 10k. The training schedule is below:

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Cross Train
Wednesday: Run & strength
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run

Tomorrow I start out running 2.5 miles. I don't know if I'll be able to run the entire 2.5 miles. I hope to but I'm ok if I walk some. Key word, some. I'll be going early because it's so suppose to be raining. Otherwise, when I run I'll be taking Caroline in the jogging stroller with me on the weekday runs. I don't want to plan to run with her tomorrow and it rain and then not get my first run in. I'm somewhat dreading but a little excited about running in the rain. Weird isn't it? I hope it's not a down pour and my feet, shoes and socks get totally soaked. It has been raining so much lately.

Well, since I'll be out early I need to be in bed earlier. Night peeps!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser and Swine Flu

I'm very excited about that show starting tonight. It's a small motivation for me and right now I feel like I lack motivation. I'll do great and then I'll snack horrible in the afternoon or eat an entire batch of cookies.

Swine flu hit my house last week. It started with Liz on Friday. Then Becca on Sunday and then it hit Caroline on Friday. I was able to give Tama flu to Caroline so it didn't last long with her at all. Their only symptom was a fever but it lasted all week. Well, Becca had some weird muscle aches in her legs but the doctor said that was normal with fevers. Anyway, we are all well but my food choices last week were not great. I wanted the girls to eat so if picking up chicken and fries is what sounded good to them, then that's what I did.

I weighed at home this morning at 163.1 and Caroline also went for a walk. I begin my 10k training next week and I feel like I'm way behind. I'm ok if I don't run the entire thing. It will be great to finish.

Here's to avoiding the cookie jar!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

No Comment

No comment at all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm in Denial

Yep. It's official. I really think I'm in denial. When I started back in the middle of July I was SO motivated. I wake up with that same motivation but by breakfast it's a struggle. I'm so frustrated with my choices.

It was only 2 snack bags of cookies tonight. Well, and some ultimate butter popcorn. Oh and also and 1 and a half chicken sandwiches. My goodness!!! Who am I? Where did that chick go that had such wonderful motivation???

I'm even slacking on my motivation for running. The thing that caused the frustration is my time isn't matching up with my distance. I'm on week 8 and suppose to be running for 28 minutes or 2.75. I can run the 28 minutes but I'm only running like 2 miles. Another words, I'm slow. I probably would be faster walking or skipping. I wonder how much exercise I would get for skipping for 28 minutes. I bet that would be a good work out. Hmmm. Something to consider. There's a cool website that allows you to mark your runs and you can see the mileage. That's pretty neat but that's also what caused me to noticed that if my grandmother was still alive she could probably outrun me. Not so motivating. I'm planning on running in the morning for 28 minutes. I begin the 10k training on September 20th. I just really hope I'm able to run 3 miles before I start that.

I'm not going to wait for a new week to start. Even though tomorrow begins a long weekend I will strive for self control on my food choices. The cookies are not worth it. The unhealthy popcorn is not worth it, especially when I have healthier stuff in the pantry. Second helpings are not needed. Eating my kids leftovers are not needed.

Speaking of leftovers.

I have something to confess that's very embarrassing and sad.

Tonight my huge Trojan fan of a husband had a buddy over to watch the game. His buddy had his son here also. Well, I was "cleaning up" the bowls of popcorn on the table. I honestly thought the popcorn belong to one of my girls until a few minutes after the popcorn was gone did the kid come into the kitchen asking where his bowl of popcorn was. Oh, how sad is that?!! I ate a kid's bowl of popcorn. I made him more. Did I make him more hoping to have more myself? Sadly, probably yes...

I just planned my route. I will get up in the morning. I will blog about my run and if I threw up any of the chocolate chip cookies, chicken sandwiches or stollen popcorn I ate this evening.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beach & Back

It's been a long time since I've posted. Tomorrow Liz and Becca start back to school. I can't believe the summer is over! We made a quick trip to the beach with my parents, niece and nephew a few weekends ago and then sickness overtook my house. Well, it avoided Becca and myself. So, Christopher, Liz and Anna have had the funk. I'm just thankful it wasn't puke or any or yuck coming out of one's body. Anyway...

I'm struggling with journaling right now. I just don't care to write my food down. I pretty much don't care what I eat. I haven't eaten an entire batch of cookies or anything but my will power is very low. Maybe with school starting back I'll get a little better on what I eat.

I'm on week 6 of the couch to 5k. 5:15 came pretty early for me this morning. My plan is to run on Saturday or Sunday and then run two other days during the week. I'm unsure how runnning on a school morning will work but I plan to give it a shot. I still am seriously considering and praying about the half marathon. Last week I got an email from TROY about a half marathon and 10k run for alumni. It's on the 14th of November. Looking over my running schedule I think I will be able to fit that in. I would love to run all over the city and university where I went. Go Trojans!!

Until we meet again...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I think I Might Do Something Crazy

Something came to my mind yesterday sometime. Something that is pretty out there but I am seriously considering it and will pray about it. Are you ready for it?

{Drum Roll Please}

Run the Mercedes Half Marathon.

Not what you were expecting? This is a huge deal for me. I'm looking into different training program and I've found a few that range from 10 weeks, like here to 17 weeks like here.

All my life I've watched sports and have been in awe of such great endurance or just the umph of competition. Anything would inspire me from tennis to the Olympics. Every year I watch or take note of the Mercedes Marathon and I'm just in awe of anyone that can do it. A good friend of the family about a year ago did a triathlon and I tried to wrap my brain around attempting that. It ain't gonna happen. I'm only in week 4 of Couch to 5k and the Mercedes Marathon is Feb. 14 . So, the way I see it is I can start the training late November or early December and be ready for it. I finish the c25k in the middle of September and that will give me almost 2 months of running/jogging before starting the training.

This is huge for me. I reset my mileage today in the car and I was shocked at how long 13 miles was. I can do this. It totally freaks me out but I have an unexplainable giddiness when I think about it. Weird.

C25K is going really great. I hope to run Friday but plan to take off over the weekend. Lately I've been starting my week on Sunday and then running the other 2 days somewhere in between. The girls and I are leaving this Friday to head to the beach with my parents and niece and nephew. Christopher is stuck home dog sitting. With school starting soon he gets the short end of the stick. Not to mention we just turned off our Directv to put the $$ towards the capital campaign at our school. So, his stick is really short. Hopefully Princess and Maggie will keep him company. Back to running, we are going to be packed in so I'm not even taking my running shoes. We'll be back Monday so I can get back at it Tuesday to start week 5.

My eating has been pretty good until today. I took Becca out to eat and back to school shopping. She chose O' Charleys. I'm just going to end with, those cinnamon sugar doughnuts were dadgum good!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

C25K meets Cujo

I really don't think this picture does this freaky dog justice. Dogs typically don't scare me but my goodness this little demon sure gave me the willies. I was going on D2W3 and was just beginning the warm up walk when out of nowhere this little fellow pops out. He barks a lot and follows me. I crossed the street to get away from him and he crosses the street. He seems to not go too far down the street and I get a pretty safe distance away and then I cross back over. Well, unfortunately this street is a dead end so I must come back by Cujo or whatever this dog's name is. When I approach he's still on the opposite side of the street and starts to join me on my side. Ugh. By then my warm up is coming to an end so I am about to start jogging. He pretty much keeps his distance until I start the jog. Then I once I started jogging I seriously thought he was going to eat me. I would be attacked by a dog and there's nobody around to save me. I stop running which frustrates me because I have to go back and start the run all over. Once I stop running he stops running and barking after me. Again, he seems to not go a certain distance away from his territory and once I turn the corner I can get back to my jog. I dread meeting up with him tomorrow.

I have really enjoyed this weeks run. I have really felt the workout in my thighs. The three minutes haven't been bad. The first one is easier than the second. On the first I could go longer than the three minutes so I look forward to next weeks run which will include a couple of 5 minute jogs. My third day is tomorrow but first I need to find animal control's phone number. Goodnight..