Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggest Loser and Swine Flu

I'm very excited about that show starting tonight. It's a small motivation for me and right now I feel like I lack motivation. I'll do great and then I'll snack horrible in the afternoon or eat an entire batch of cookies.

Swine flu hit my house last week. It started with Liz on Friday. Then Becca on Sunday and then it hit Caroline on Friday. I was able to give Tama flu to Caroline so it didn't last long with her at all. Their only symptom was a fever but it lasted all week. Well, Becca had some weird muscle aches in her legs but the doctor said that was normal with fevers. Anyway, we are all well but my food choices last week were not great. I wanted the girls to eat so if picking up chicken and fries is what sounded good to them, then that's what I did.

I weighed at home this morning at 163.1 and Caroline also went for a walk. I begin my 10k training next week and I feel like I'm way behind. I'm ok if I don't run the entire thing. It will be great to finish.

Here's to avoiding the cookie jar!