Sunday, September 20, 2009

10k training starts Monday

Tomorrow my 10k training starts. I feel like I'm SO behind on where I wanted to be before I started training for the 10k. The training schedule is below:

Monday: Run
Tuesday: Cross Train
Wednesday: Run & strength
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run

Tomorrow I start out running 2.5 miles. I don't know if I'll be able to run the entire 2.5 miles. I hope to but I'm ok if I walk some. Key word, some. I'll be going early because it's so suppose to be raining. Otherwise, when I run I'll be taking Caroline in the jogging stroller with me on the weekday runs. I don't want to plan to run with her tomorrow and it rain and then not get my first run in. I'm somewhat dreading but a little excited about running in the rain. Weird isn't it? I hope it's not a down pour and my feet, shoes and socks get totally soaked. It has been raining so much lately.

Well, since I'll be out early I need to be in bed earlier. Night peeps!