Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm in Denial

Yep. It's official. I really think I'm in denial. When I started back in the middle of July I was SO motivated. I wake up with that same motivation but by breakfast it's a struggle. I'm so frustrated with my choices.

It was only 2 snack bags of cookies tonight. Well, and some ultimate butter popcorn. Oh and also and 1 and a half chicken sandwiches. My goodness!!! Who am I? Where did that chick go that had such wonderful motivation???

I'm even slacking on my motivation for running. The thing that caused the frustration is my time isn't matching up with my distance. I'm on week 8 and suppose to be running for 28 minutes or 2.75. I can run the 28 minutes but I'm only running like 2 miles. Another words, I'm slow. I probably would be faster walking or skipping. I wonder how much exercise I would get for skipping for 28 minutes. I bet that would be a good work out. Hmmm. Something to consider. There's a cool website that allows you to mark your runs and you can see the mileage. That's pretty neat but that's also what caused me to noticed that if my grandmother was still alive she could probably outrun me. Not so motivating. I'm planning on running in the morning for 28 minutes. I begin the 10k training on September 20th. I just really hope I'm able to run 3 miles before I start that.

I'm not going to wait for a new week to start. Even though tomorrow begins a long weekend I will strive for self control on my food choices. The cookies are not worth it. The unhealthy popcorn is not worth it, especially when I have healthier stuff in the pantry. Second helpings are not needed. Eating my kids leftovers are not needed.

Speaking of leftovers.

I have something to confess that's very embarrassing and sad.

Tonight my huge Trojan fan of a husband had a buddy over to watch the game. His buddy had his son here also. Well, I was "cleaning up" the bowls of popcorn on the table. I honestly thought the popcorn belong to one of my girls until a few minutes after the popcorn was gone did the kid come into the kitchen asking where his bowl of popcorn was. Oh, how sad is that?!! I ate a kid's bowl of popcorn. I made him more. Did I make him more hoping to have more myself? Sadly, probably yes...

I just planned my route. I will get up in the morning. I will blog about my run and if I threw up any of the chocolate chip cookies, chicken sandwiches or stollen popcorn I ate this evening.