Wednesday, July 29, 2009

C25K meets Cujo

I really don't think this picture does this freaky dog justice. Dogs typically don't scare me but my goodness this little demon sure gave me the willies. I was going on D2W3 and was just beginning the warm up walk when out of nowhere this little fellow pops out. He barks a lot and follows me. I crossed the street to get away from him and he crosses the street. He seems to not go too far down the street and I get a pretty safe distance away and then I cross back over. Well, unfortunately this street is a dead end so I must come back by Cujo or whatever this dog's name is. When I approach he's still on the opposite side of the street and starts to join me on my side. Ugh. By then my warm up is coming to an end so I am about to start jogging. He pretty much keeps his distance until I start the jog. Then I once I started jogging I seriously thought he was going to eat me. I would be attacked by a dog and there's nobody around to save me. I stop running which frustrates me because I have to go back and start the run all over. Once I stop running he stops running and barking after me. Again, he seems to not go a certain distance away from his territory and once I turn the corner I can get back to my jog. I dread meeting up with him tomorrow.

I have really enjoyed this weeks run. I have really felt the workout in my thighs. The three minutes haven't been bad. The first one is easier than the second. On the first I could go longer than the three minutes so I look forward to next weeks run which will include a couple of 5 minute jogs. My third day is tomorrow but first I need to find animal control's phone number. Goodnight..


Jawan said...

Girl, don't be messin' around with the pit bull. My college roommate got bit by one (on the buttock) while she was walking one day in her own neighborhood, just four houses down from her own home. He was pulled off by the owner and then taken by the pound where they cut his head off to be examined for diseases and rabies. Take a stick and some mace with you.