Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's late, I'm tired, d3w1

I want to blog even though this one will be a short one. Tomorrow is the last day of the week for me so far. I've done amazing on points since the last time I've posted. Since Tuesday I have kept it under points. Probably a little too under. Here's my food really quick...


breakfast: Coffee, bagel & blueberries (3 pts).

Lunch: Corn, peas, lean turkey burger w/o bun, squash and salad with dressing (5 pts). I had lunch at my parents house. I love my mom's cooking!

Dinner: Chick-fil-a southwestern salad and spicy dressing (9 pts). Snack: Graham crackers.


Breakfast: bagel & coffee (2)

Lunch: Salad, salsa, taco rice, fajita veggies (4 pt)

Dinner: Hungry Howie's Pizza 2 slices and extra veggies (12 pts)

Snacks: fiber plus bar, klondike bar and another klondike bar (6pts)

I did my 3rd day of couch to 5k on Thursday. It was great to get out and do it. So far, I am not having a problem with the motivation of getting up and running. Hopefully that won't change. I need some new running shoes. I'm hoping to find a good deal on Saucony. I liked jogging in college and I loved Saucony then. I'm so glad I came across how to pronounce it in a magazine. It was written Sock-a-knee. Very interesting! Anyway, I'm thinking if I do start to loose my motivation I'll use that time to buy some new shoes and maybe that will help spur me on.

I've got to download week 2 podcast. Wow, I've got to get in bed. Getting up early and staying up late is NOT working out for me. Off to download week 2 and then to bed!