Sunday, July 19, 2009

D1W2 and weigh in

First off let me get this over with. I don't know if it's the higher sodium my supper was last night or the fact that there were a few days that I didn't get all of my points in but I was down 1.5 lbs. I wanted to put only 1.5 lbs. When I got up on the scale I didn't feel that much lighter so this morning I wasn't expecting 5 lbs. I was expecting 5 lbs earlier this week. So, 1.5 lbs down. It could be a gain.

I got up this morning and did day 1 of week 2. So, I alternated between running 90 seconds and walking 2 minutes. I made it and there wasn't one time I wanted to stop and throw up! Let me pat myself on the back. Like I said earlier I don't eat my exercise points but I need to make sure I eat ALL of my daily points. I'm allowed 24 points. Yesterday I didn't get all of my points in again. I totaled 19 points. It's below...

Coffee (1)
Bagel (1)
Strawberries (0)

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup (1) I found this to not be good at all. I prefer progesso over this any day. Who wants this extra can of it?
SF Jello (0)
1 oz fat free cheese (1) I sprinkled the cheese on top of the soup. That was the best part of the soup.

1/2 c chili beans (2)
3 fat free hot dogs (3) Okay, I'm embarrassed about 3 also. Hello sodium!!!
kraut (0)
red onions (0) - Mixed all of the above with some mustard and it was delicious!
steamed potatoes (2)
watermelon (1)

Klondike (2)
Fiber Plus bar (2)
SF popsicle (0)
Cake (3)

Happy Sunday!