Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cool App for iPhone

I really wish WW had an app for the iPhone but there are some people that went ahead and created a journal like app called iWatchr. It's very similar concept to the online version of WW but does lacks a food list. So, what I do is pair it with the Lose It! app to find foods and nutritional info. I have my phone with me at all times so I can see this helping greatly. I will say that WW has nothing to do with either of these apps.

Breakfast: yogurt (1), cherries (1), blueberry bagel (1) and coffee (4)

Lunch: Progresso soup (1), 1 oz fat free mozzarella (1 pt), yogurt (1)

Snack: Klondike toffee ice cream (2)

Dinner: 1/2 c taco rice (2), half of flour tortilla (1), 1/2 cup black beans (1), lettuce & salsa (0), fajita veggies with sauce (2). Supper was delish!! I had made the frozen tyson fajita meal. I gave the husband and kids most of the meat and I just had veggies and made a salad with it. It was SO yummy!

Snack: Breyers free ice cream less than a cup (2) and chocolate syrup (2)