Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I can't Believe My Problem

I really think that my first week's loss was low due to not getting in all my points for the week. I had another problem with it Monday. After a very satisfying supper I had 13 points left over!! What's up with that G? I think I'm hording my points during the day and then I'm left with a surplus at night. Hmmmm... I did get all my points in and then some on Sunday. Sunday is the last day of the week so you better believe I am going to enjoy some of my flex points! My food for Sunday and Monday is below...

Breakfast: Bagel (1) & Coffee (1)
Lunch: Arby's Roast Beef (7), Salad no dressing (0), cherries (0), & Slaw (2)
Dinner: Pizza (10)
Snacks / Desserts: Cake (4)*, Breyers free (1), Berries (0), Cake again (4), another half of a piece of cake (2), breyers free (1)

* I made the Pillsbury low sugar cake and substituted the oil with applesauce. It was really good! I didn't use frosting but instead the Breyers free ice cream. I LOVE cake and ice cream! My problem is I could seriously eat an entire cake all by myself. Granted, I would probably eat it in all in a closet but still, I could eat it all.

Breakfast: Coffee (1), bite of kids waffle (1). Eating the kids leftovers is a big problem for me but I seriously only had 1 bite.
Lunch: PB2 and sugar free preserves sandwich (3) and celery (0)
Dinner: 3 oz bbq pork loin (4), squash (0), onion (0)*, peas (0)
Afternoon Snack: 1/2 c breyers free (1), berries (0)
Night Snack: 1/2 c regular fudge royal ice cream (3), 2 T fudge syrup (2), Cake (4), 1/2 c Breyers free (1)

* the Husband grilled the onion out and I seriously ate half of it. I would like to apologize to all the people that I talked with while at Publix. I probably should have eaten an entire box of Altoids or something. I wonder how many points that would be?

***side note*** It's sad how often I use the word "seriously" isn't it?