Tuesday, July 21, 2009

D2W2 - Got in all my Points

This morning I got out and ran D2W2. I wasn't really motivated to do it this morning but once I got out there it was good. Isn't that the way it is usually when it comes to exercising? I'm listening to the podcast Chubby Jones Couch to 5k. I really liked it last week but this week I'm not a huge fan of her choices of music. I have only one more day of it this week. Her little comments are funny during the run and I like that she points out the half way mark and the last run. I didn't get up yesterday and walk but I plan to tomorrow. Thursday or Friday will be my third day for this week.

My mom and I are going to a WW meeting in the morning. She made lifetime as well a few years ago and has strayed a little since then. Not as much as I have but she wants to get back. Don't we all? So, my dad will be at my house keeping the kiddos while mom and I get to meet with reality. I'm looking forward to the meeting and weighing in. We decided on going together to hold each other accountable. Accountability is huge! I'll update my weigh in here...

I made it a point to get in all of my points today. I even had 4 points after supper to indulge in a bowl of ice cream. I'm getting spoiled with my ice cream ritual at night. I probably need to stop that. My food list is below.

Breakfast: Bagel (1), Coffee (1), and yogurt (2)

Lunch: 2 slices turkey (1), pickle (0), 1 oz tortilla chips (3), and salsa (0)

Afternoon snack: Coffee (1) and Fiber Plus Bar (2) -these Fiber Plus Bars are so yummy. I think Fiber One granola bars are a little better but I had gotten these when they were on sale and I had a coupon. I will warn you, they can cause minor stomach cramps. You can have too much fiber ;)

Dinner: Salad, dressing and 1 oz ff cheese (2), Pork loin chop (3), Onion (0), Mashed potatoes (2), squash (0), 1/2 c lima beans (1)

Night snack: 1 cup Breyers free (2) and mint fudge syrup (2)

Good night...