Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Weigh In

My mom and I made it to our first weigh in today. I was a little disappointed. The meeting was a little long and I didn't get much out of it. I weighed in at 163. I really wish I would have weighed in at home before going to the meeting so I could compare. The leader spent the first 5-10 minutes copying a recipe off the board that she could have copied afterward. She talked a bunch about her grandaughter. I'm looking forward to trying out my mom's meeting.

One big thing I'm disappointed in is I have to pay every time I weigh in. I called and understood that since I'm lifetime I weigh in once a month and pay for it but then I could go to as many meetings during the month as I would like. Well, the leader told me yesterday that every time I go to a meeting I have to pay. So, my plan on going to a weekly meeting but only paying to weigh in once a month won't be working out. So far my motivation is really good.

I got up and went for a walk on Wednesday. Nothing spectacular or fancy just a nice morning walk. As I'm sitting outside right now 2 of my girls are riding their bikes. They're just learning really so I'm looking forward to the day when we can all go fo a bike ride. We have a seat thing that Caroline can hop on the bike of mine and we can all go for a ride.

I got my points in for Wednesday. My points are below...

Breakfast: Bagel (1) and coffee (1)

Lunch: SUBWAY turkey (5), oil & vinegar (1), southwest baked Lays (2)

Afternoon snack: Chocolate WW cake (1) and 1/2 c Breyers Chocolate brownie ice cream (1). Let me just say YUMMMM!!!! My favorite dessert by far is cake and ice cream and I have found my treat and it's only 2 points!! Woo! Hoo!

Dinner: Grilled Cheese (3) - regular cheese, bread and spray butter, baked fries (2), pickle (0), chocolate 1% milk (3), cherries (1)

Night snack: Strawberries (1), WW cake (1) and Breyers free (1)