Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Other than Chocolate peanuts, today was good

The title pretty much sums up my day. I took pictures but I'm ready for bed and I'm too lazy to get up, get my camera, and then look through all the pictures that haven't been uploaded to find the pictures that I need. Does that make sense? I got in some good water today. That was my #1 goal. This week I'm trying to get in water, so far so good!

High fiber oatmeal - 2 pts
1 serving of raisins - 2 pts
1 orange - 1 pt
2 cups of coffee - 2 pts

Progresso soup - 1 pts
1 slice of toast - .5 pt
1 slice reduced fat swiss cheese - 1 pt

YIKES! Christopher brings home chocolate peanut clusters. I must toss them. They were yummy but Becca and I are the only ones in the house that will eat them. Christopher doesn't like sweets with nuts in them and Liz is allergic.

Baked pesto chicken
1 and half small baked potatoes
about a Tbsp of light sour cream
Decaf tea sweetened with Splenda.

That's my day!