Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good-bye Old Acquaintances

In the song Auld Lang Syne I thought the words were "should all acquaintances be forgot..." or "should old acquaintances be forgot..." Anyway, neither one of those are correct.

Let's pretend they are the words.

That is my motto.

Goodbye, so long all old acquaintances(eating habits). I've really, over the holidays, been eating horrible. Luckily, for some reason the weight hasn't crept up and I've been able to maintain my usual 160-162-ish. I want to teach my girls good eating habits. In order to do that I need to build great eating habits. I'm so tired of processed junk. I'm even considering making my own bread. I'm not sure of the ww points of that but it's got to be better for your body without all the preservatives.

The Biggest Loser starts Tuesday. My mom, sister and I will be weighing in and following along with the show.

I also like posting my foods that I eat. I feel that I make better choices if I know that I'm taking a picture of it. It is time consuming b/c I'm not a great photographer so getting a picture isn't the easiest thing and then I have to use Christopher's computer to upload the pictures. Like I said, time consuming.

With all that being said, let this year begin!