Monday, November 17, 2008

Eatin' at Mom and Dad's

I got to spend a lovely morning at my parents house because they kept Princess over the weekend. I think they got the short end of the stick because they got Princess and Christopher's parents got the girls. I didn't eat before I left the house. When I got almost at their house I called and put a request in for a fried egg.

1 egg + 1 egg white - 2 pts
1 slice of light toast with less than 1 tsp of light butter - 1 pt

Lunch was fantastic! The only thing I would have changed was not putting the sweet potato on the plate with the spaghetti. The 2 different smells were weird together.

1 cup pasta - 4 pts
spaghetti sauce - 2 pts
1 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese - 2 pts?
1/2 sweet potato with splenda
bread (spray butter) - 2 pts
Salad (lettuce, celery, squash and tomatoes) - 0 pts
dressing - 1 pt