Monday, November 17, 2008


Tonight was my monthly bunco get together with some good friends in tha 'hood. That's not a typo, it is suppose to be said with some slang. Anyway...

For supper we had a chicken alfredo dish that I could have taken a bath in it was SO good but I only got this and didn't go for seconds. I don't know the points for anything really but I think I did great on portions. That's huge for me. I could have eaten twice this amount. I also snacked on about 4 chocolate covered peanuts and a few marshmallows from a snack mix. It was a good night.

Main course:
Caesar salad - not the healthiest b/c it wasn't light or low fat.
1 slice of garlic bread
chicken pasta dish
I drank plenty of water!

Pumpkin cheesecake - it was only this small bite!
Chocolate coffee brownie cookie - this I ate the entire thing. One word, YUM.

Sorry about the blurry photos. I was in a hurry taking the pictures. I don't know why but I think people will think I'm weird taking pictures of my food for weightloss. I guess it won't be so weird if it's working. But the bad thing is, it's not yet working. I haven't been diligent at doing this everyday. The bad thing, the days I don't take pictures I eat horrible. I'm hoping to change that.


Jawan said...

Wow, very proud of you, girl. Wish I could have played dice with you all.

sarah_e_cook said...

Hey Tasha, I like your pics. May I suggest to put your camera on the macro setting for the up close shots? On the camera, it often looks like a little flower.

Keep it up skinny girl!

Audrey said...

yummy! You are doing great, girl!