Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out of Commision

Well, I've been somewhat out of commission. I was out late Saturday night. Now, don't be getting visions of me out living it up with good food. I was out about 6 hours with Caroline at the after hours clinic. Ugh! She just has a virus but she's had it for a week. On the way home Saturday I was starving and McD's fries sounded de-lish! So, I caved. Why do I view food as a treat? Like a reward for being stuck at the doctors office for so long. Then, Christopher was diagnosed with walking pneumonia Sunday. So far Liz and Becca haven't gotten sick. Unfortunately, I've now got the eye goop that Caroline had over the weekend. It hasn't kept me down on eating or exercising today. I don't have the exact points for everything but the food is below!

2 cups coffee 2 pts
1 boiled egg 2 pts
1 half of bread 2 pts

1 cup potato soup 6 pts
spinach salad with dressing 1 pt
12 fiber one crackers ?pts

1 cup potato soup 6 pts
1 oz hot italian sausage ? pts
spinach salad with dressing 1 pt

sugar free hot chocolate 1 pt