Friday, November 14, 2008

The rest of Thursday

I was in a rush with a crazy afternoon. Violin lessons w/o a violin, dropped off Princess at MiMi's house, picked up violin, drove out to see my sister's house, back to MiMi's house to feed Anna, picked up Zaxby's on the way home, and then I had LTG ( my accountability group) that night. I had planned to leave for LTG a little early and pick up Subway or Chick-fil-a but spending time with the family won out. If it's any help I had gotten a Zaxby's plate with fries no slaw and split it between Liz and Becca and then I had the leftovers.

2 Zaxby fingers - 4 pts ( I know I only have 1 pictured but there was a leftover on another plate)
fries - 5 pts
sauce -3 pts

I had left my camera at home so I didn't have it with me at Starbucks to take a picture of my Grande nonfat peppermint mocha (6 pts, I should have gotten a tall!) with vanilla almond biscotti ( 3 pts)