Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Food

I started the day off with my usual breakfast that was really filling and yummy. Last night I had plans to leave early this morning and run by Chick-Fil-A for a chicken and biscuit but I decided to save my $$ and points.

1 cup of coffee - 1 pt
1 apple - 1 pt
Alternative bagel - 1 pt
2 Tbsp pb2 - 1 pt

Today was Egyptian Day at Liz's school. We got done in time for a few of us moms to run to Hungry Howie's for lunch. I didn't do so well at lunch. Does it help that it was a veggie sub/calzone? Oh! My! Goodness! I knew that it wouldn't be good but I wasn't expecting it to be that bad. Geesh! Sadly, I ate the entire thing and washed it down with a Diet Pepsi.


Veggie sub - 24 pts!! That makes me sick! Atleast I got in some veggies.

For supper we had our usual pizza night, again Hungry Howie's but I did much better.
2 slices thin crust cheese with black olives - 6 pts
Green salad with 2 tsp with low fat raspberry walnut dressing - 1 pt
Decaf tea sweetened with Splenda - 0 pt

1 more slice of thin crust cheese pizza - 3 pts

SF chocolate pudding - 1 pt

After the girls were in bed Christopher and I made a pot of coffee and I downed 2 cups for 2 extra points. I wonder how long that will keep me up...