Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eating out of Kindness

Still feeling yuck. Usually, Thursdays are my day to clean house but I might fold the mountain of clothes on my bed and then just lay on the couch and watch tv.

Last night Christopher called on his way home for work. I told him I had no idea what supper would be. We could have something out of the freezer. He offered to pick up something and asked what. I told him to just surprise me. Well, some reason we were disconnected. When he got home he had Zaxby's in hand. It's the only drive-thru between here and his work. It smelled wonderful. He was considerate and picked up a grilled chicken sandwhich for me. The fries there don't do much for me which is a good thing. So, I enjoyed the sandwich. Out of the kindness of Christopher picking up supper so I wouldn't have to cook I couldn't think of not eating it. I checked the points and the 26 points sadly hit the spot.