Monday, September 8, 2008

Let the Journey Begin

Wow, I am now stepping into the wonderful world of blogging. It’s embarrassing that I’m beginning with such an open book into my life. I mean being a woman you are never to reveal your weight, right? Well, hiding my weight has also led to horrible hidden eating habits. Nibbles of food while packing my girls’ school lunches and eating their leftovers are only to name a few. My dear friend Jawan came up with the bold idea about blogging our weight loss. Will it work? I think this might just be the trick.

Just a little bit about myself. I had a very active childhood. I don’t see how my parents did it with all the activities we were involved with. So, weight was never an issue. Weight didn’t become an issue until after having kids. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming my weight problem on my kids. It is only my fault. I have made the bad choices and my activity level has changed. Before getting pregnant with my oldest, Liz, I was an average weight. After having Liz I did Weight Watchers (WW) and lost down to 127. I was thin but for my body that is an unrealistic goal for me to maintain. So, shortly after I got pregnant with my sweet 2nd daughter, Becca that is when the weight has turned into a huge yo-yo. I never truly lost that pregnancy weight. Now, I have a beautiful 8 month old, Caroline and a desire to be a healthy mom who isn’t consumed with what I eat.

Weight, in the past 5 years has been what totally consumes my thoughts. It seems like I am constantly thinking about weight. Thinking is my problem and not doing. I know appearance is vain but with appearance for myself comes self confidence. I am so tired of this struggle and being so tied down with it. So, with the help of this blog I know people will see me succeed by making wise choices on what I eat. I mean, who wants to read a blog about weight loss when the writers are eating chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream soaking in chocolate fudge sauce. Good thing I don’t have any of that in the house because it does sound yummy.

I started last week doing WW. I am doing the winning points plan instead of the newer flex plan. I find that it works better for me. So, if you are familiar with WW, I will be on the 20-25 points range. I will be posting stats and pictures later (ugh, I SO don’t want to). Let me know of any tips you have! Let the journey begin! I hope you enjoy it with us.


Audrey said...

You go you camel you!

Mark said...

Ok...I'm "lovingly" calling you both out! I don't see any pictures yet. I think that is going to be major motivation for both of you! I know you both can do it.