Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Doing this "weight loss" thing has been hard. I love snacking in the afternoons and late in the evenings when all the house is quiet and I'm the only one still awake (have you noticed the times on my posts?). Lyn is very encouraging to me and emails me many times a day to let me know what has been in her mouth thus far. One thing that I'm not finding hard to change is my daily intake of water. I think I'm actually slowing losing my taste for the ever so constant glass of southern sweet tea. I can't say the same for Diet Coke but I choose not to keep DC in the house so I'm not tempted by it. However, knowing that I can get a large cup of it with lots of ice at McDonald's for only $1.07 makes it hard to drive by the place.

ANYWAY.....water has become my friend.

So has the potty.