Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Rest of Tuesday

Lunch I reheated my veggie soup from the night before. I didn't allow time for the meat to simmer long enough so I didn't eat any the night before. It was great. My only problem was I probably added too much salt. I know I could have tossed in a potato but just opted out.

Bowl of veggie soup - 2 pts (I'm guessing here)
crackers - 2 pts

Supper I fixed grilled cheese for everyone and made the kids try the soup. Caroline loved it but she's had it before at MiMi's. Liz and Becca not so much. They liked the meat and limas in the soup but that was about it. I made something a little different with my grilled cheese. I used provolone cheese and mushrooms, yummy!

Veggie soup + seconds - 4 pts
Grilled mushroom and provolone sandwich - 3 pts
I snacked on 2 slices of provolone while I was cooking everything -2 pts


Also, I helped with the drama tryouts today and had about 2 cups of light popcorn, 2 pts!

I'm not doing great at writing things down and that's not good when I don't remember what I've snacked on. My meals of soup has really been feeling me up.