Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was out of town this past weekend on a scrapbooking getaway. The weekend got started Thursday afternoon. I had gotten up Thursday and went for a walk. I don't think I'm pushing myself walking. It's cold in the morning but there are mornings that I'm not breaking a sweat. Anyway, we picked up Chinese food Thursday night and had gotten Moo Goo Gai Pan with brown rice instead of fried rice and egg drop soup. I did great on portion control with it. It was more like on Friday night when I couldn't make myself stop eating the dark chocolate M & Ms. I didn't eat an entire bag but I ate too many. Also, there was homemade chocolate chip cookies there as well, those are my weakness. I guess I should say, they are among the many types of foods that are my weakness. So, this weekend wasn't good but I weighed Sunday and was only up .5 lb. I think I will have a delayed reaciton on weigh gain later this week. It's been hard to get back on it. I'm nibbling here and there on chips when I get the girls' lunches fixed or sampling food while preparing them. Chewing gum really helps with that. I need to pick up some more.

I got up and went for a good walk this morning. I can tell that I want to eat better when I walk in the mornings. So I've had for breakfast a whole wheat bagel (2 pt), 2% swiss cheese (1 pt), 1.5 slices of bacon (1 pt), 2 cups of coffee (2 pt). Then for lunch I did nibble a few tortilla chips while the girls were eating, Peanut butter and jelly sandwich and light chips (1 pt). I fixed the sandwich with light bread (1 pt) sugar free jam (0 pt) and PB2 (1 pt). So far so good.

Well, sorry about that ramblings. Maybe if I post what I eat I'll feel more accountable of what I eat.


Courtney said...

Hi there, girls! I don't know y'all, but Jawan commented on my blog so I thought I'd check out hers. I admire your humility to go public with your weight loss stories. I agree that accountability is a GREAT thing! Boy do I wish I could join you.... about a year ago would have been great. However, being 5 months pregnant with #3 and gaining, gaining, gaining I'm gonna have to wait. Grace to you both as you strive to honor God with your bodies!