Monday, September 15, 2008

Bumps in the Road

Tonight was my first "bump" in the road. I knew it would happen sooner or later but tonight was the night. We had our neighborhood Bunco with all the yummy trimmings. Before leaving the house I had started to make a new post about how I had high hopes on tonight and I had 20 points to work with. I was interrupted by Becca and Liz playing and them coming to the realization that without a shower curtain the entire bathroom gets wet (yeah, that's another blog some other time). Anyway, I was going into tonight with 2 different packs of gum and plans of drinking plenty of water. I started out good but then when I went in for seconds it all changed. I guess that's the only thing is that I went for seconds with the meal and dessert. The meal was bar-b-q, grape salad (don't let the name fool you for this sweet goodness of sour cream, cream cheese, pecans, brown sugar, oh, and grapes), potato casserole and this yummy to die for chocolate dessert. The good thing is I didn't eat any of the snacks on the table. The bad thing is this is my first bump this time around. Now, the question is, how will I handle it? Tomorrow is a new day. Yes, I hate that I didn’t make the best choices tonight but I will continue. I plan to only drink water tomorrow, cutting out sweets for a while and get back to not eating past 7:00.